Seat color change

BMW E36M3 seats in good condition are getting harder to find. This customer found a good set, but they were in dove gray instead of black. Not a problem.

The transformation starts with cleaning and repairing the surface of the leather. Really deep cracks or minor tears are repaired with liquid leather. Before starting the dye process, I like to refresh the seatbelt release button.

Carefully apply heat to bring the color back to the surface of the button. It will usually take several applications. Take care to not scorch the leather around it or melt the buckle. You may melt off the word “Press” but you will be left with a more vibrant color red button.

Stop when you’re happy with the result.

Now start building up the color layer by layer. You apply the dye with a sponge and then set with heat. Work on another area of the seat while the previous area cools. Be patient and keep applying layers. Going from light gray to black will take 8-12 layers. Areas which were repaired may take even more.

Let sit 24-48 hours and then apply leather conditioner.